Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI) Program

At Stimson Lumber Company, our obligation is to produce wood products while protecting the other forest resources such as fish, wildlife, clean air and clean water for this and future generations. That’s why Stimson is committed to the Sustainable Forestry Initiative program.

The SFI program is a set of principles, objectives and performance measures that address the environmental, social and economic aspects of forest management activities. This approach requires long-term commitments to forest management to ensure productive, healthy forests for future generations.

About the SFI Program

The SFI program defines how the forest and related resources will be sustained for long-term productivity and use. For example, the SFI program requires water quality protection, prompt reforestation after harvest, wildlife conservation, and continuous improvement of forest management practices. Landowners and companies must meet specific requirements to comply with the program.

Started in 1994, the SFI program currently has certified over 280 million acres of forestland and continues to grow. Although the SFI program is one of the largest sustainable forestry and certification programs in the world, mutual recognition of other equivalent systems is also an important part of the program. The SFI program and the American Tree Farm System® have a mutual recognition agreement, which provides the SFI program with a vehicle for outreach to non-industrial private landowners.

Responsible and Sustainable Forestry

The SFI program provides foresters, landowners, logging professionals, wood and paper producers, users and sellers a means of demonstrating responsible and sustainable forestry while maintaining a viable and productive business. It is our collective responsibility to assure that the forest resources utilized today are done so in a manner that is not only efficient economically, socially acceptable and environmentally responsible, but that is also sustainable for future generations to use and enjoy. The Sustainable Forestry Initiative program is based on the premise that responsible environmental practices and sound business practices can benefit all stakeholders, even stakeholders not yet born.

SFI Standard

Stimson follows the current SFI Forestry Management Standard and Fiber Sourcing Standard. LEARN MORE