Stimson Lumber Company
Inland Region Public Access Guidelines Revised 08/04/2017
(Subject to Modification without notice)

It is Stimson’s intent to open its lands to those forms of public recreation that are compatible with the management goals and activities on the forests. Excluded are camping, firewood cutting and operating motorized vehicles off roads or on closed roads. These guidelines will be amended over time to adjust for changing conditions and experiences.

Use of Stimson land does not convey any right or permission to enter or cross neighboring private lands. Users do not have permission to access Stimson lands through private landowners. It is the responsibility of the user to obtain permission to cross or access adjacent landowners.

The employees and associates of Stimson that manage these lands work continually to maintain and improve their productivity and appearance and take great satisfaction in their accomplishments. These public access guidelines can only be maintained if the guests using these lands share this attitude and commitment. Littering, vandalism, negligence or malicious treatment of these properties by the public may result in the closure of Stimson property to public access. Consider how your actions reflect on yourself and the outdoor recreation community in general.

These guidelines are intended for individual/family recreation. Large groups, clubs, organized or sanctioned events, and commercial enterprises including commercial guides are not permitted.

All of these properties are Industrial Forestland and are managed as such. Roads and trails are not built nor maintained to public transportation standards. No provisions have been made for food, water, sanitation, communication or emergency services on any Stimson ownership.
There is NO GUARANTEE, warranty & representation that these lands are safe for any purpose.

Stimson’s employees, associates and contractors may be in the woods at any time of day or night, as well as any day of the week. The movement and maintenance of machinery and facilities, the application of herbicide and fertilizer and other management activities may start without notice and are frequently mobile in nature. These activities often include the use of power equipment and motor vehicles on roads and lands that may be closed to public use.
Restrictions on the timing and nature of public access are intended to reduce, but cannot eliminate public exposure to the risks and hazards associated with timber and land management activities.

The following stipulations and limitations apply to any and all public use of all Stimson lands and users agree to the following:

Some Stimson lands are closed year round. See Appendix A for special sites with specific rules. Others areas may be restricted or closed at various times and places which may not be in the Appendix.
Non-motorized access is allowed year round on most Stimson lands. This includes walk- in and bicycles. Winter access is limited to non-motorized access such as snowshoeing and cross country skiing.
There is no exclusive use for the public. Other members of the public may be using the same property at the same time.
All roads must remain passable for administrative traffic. Never block or park directly in front of any gate.
Use of Stimson lands by any member of the public may be revoked by Stimson immediately for violation of Stimson’s access guidelines or violation of local, state or federal law.
No public entry is permitted into active industrial areas, logging sites, road construction areas, herbicide and fertilizer application areas or other similar uses. Users must avoid conflict or interference with any and all forest management activities.
Users will not modify Stimson lands in any way. Users are not allowed to erect permanent structures under any circumstances (e.g., roads, ATV trails, wells, diversions, sheds, shacks, outhouses, etc.)
Horse pasturing or cattle grazing is prohibited.
No commercial activities of any kind are allowed.

Firewood cutting is not allowed on Stimson lands.
No public camping, campfires or other overnight use is permitted.
Smoking is not allowed on Stimson lands.
Public users must accept Stimson lands in its present condition, “as is”. Users enter and use Stimson owned property at their own risk. Stimson will not be responsible for any bodily injury, damages to personal property, or inconveniences to users due to normal natural resource activities. There is NO GUARANTEE, warranty & representation that these lands are safe for any purpose.
Safety is the highest priority. Users are expected to conduct all activities with safety in mind.
Motorized/Off-Road Vehicles
Motorized access is allowed on open public roads only. MOTORIZED ACCESS IS NOT ALLOWED BEHIND GATES, BARRIERS (Natural or Man-made), SIGNS, or OFF ROAD!!!
This includes ATVs, UTVs, motorcycles, snowmobiles, or motorized bicycle/tricycles.
Roads & Gates

All users must comply with all posted signs. Road restriction signs are located near gates. Gates must be kept clear at all times. Do not park in front of gates. Driving around gates or forming roads/trails to access Stimson lands is prohibited. Destruction of gates, locks, or other types of barriers is prohibited and subject to reporting and prosecution. Gates are randomly monitored by game cameras.
Property Lines and Signs
Property lines are NOT always marked and forest property owners – federal, state, and private are often intermingled. Each visitor is responsible for knowing where they are and complying with the landowners’ rules and restrictions.
Permission to enter Stimson land does not convey any right or permission to enter or cross neighboring private lands. Users do not have permission to access Stimson lands
through private landowners. It is the responsibility of the user to obtain permission to cross or access adjacent landowners.

Discharge of firearms is limited to activities related to big game and upland bird hunting, as regulated by state and federal rules and laws.
Target shooting is not allowed!
Hunting, Fishing & Trapping

Big game, varmint and upland bird hunting is allowed on open Stimson lands. Users must comply with state and federal hunting rules and laws.
Any activity that requires or includes the placement or deposition of personal property on Stimson lands is prohibited. This includes tree stands, bait barrels, and game cameras. Personal property intentionally left on Stimson lands is subject to confiscation.
Hunting camps are not allowed on Stimson lands. The construction of hanging poles for game is prohibited.
Gates will not be opened for packing game out.
Trapping is allowed under state and federal hunting rules and laws.
Fishing is allowed on open Stimson lands. Users must comply with state and federal hunting rules and laws.
Commercial Guides are prohibited from Stimson lands.
Users must not release or stock any species of plant, animal or fish.
High Fire Danger
During regulated use (fire season), all users must comply with state and federal regulations and requirements to access and use Stimson lands.
Stimson lands are subject to closure at times of high fire danger. Please see Stimson’s website for any fire closure updates.
Fireworks are never allowed on Stimson lands.
Christmas Trees

Christmas tree cutting is not allowed on Stimson lands. Our young trees are the future of our forests and protect soil and water where they grow.
Fossils & Artifacts
Unauthorized removal of fossils and artifacts is prohibited. Stimson protects historical, geological and culturally significant sites in accordance with federal and state law.
Mushrooms and Plants
Commercial gathering is not allowed on Stimson lands. This includes but is not limited to mushroom picking or any type of berry. Mushrooms and berries can only be gathered for personal use only.
Prospecting/Mineral & Rock Products

The removal of any rock or mineral products is prohibited. This includes but is not limited to decorative stone, gravel, dirt or topsoil etc. Prospecting of any type is not allowed on Stimson lands.

Drone use is not allowed on Stimson lands.
Drugs and Alcohol
Illegal drug use and alcohol consumption is not allowed while on Stimson lands.
Pack it in, Pack it out! Users must take out whatever they bring with them.
Dumping of trash of any kind – construction waste, appliances, abandoned vehicles, animal carcasses, etc. is strictly prohibited.

Destruction of Stimson lands and property is strictly prohibited. This includes but is not limited to trees, crops, buildings, fences, roads, gates or other improvements. Users found vandalizing Stimson lands will be reported and may be prosecuted.
Illegal Activities
Violation of any law or regulation, including those governing hunting and fishing is prohibited and subject to action by federal, state and local law enforcement.

CB Use
User’s navigating open public road systems near active logging operations should use a CB radio for safety.
Reporting Violations
Reporting instances of law violations and violations of company policies will keep Stimson lands open in the future.

Please report poaching, trespassing, or other game violations to the following appropriate agency:

Idaho Fish & Game – 800-632-5999
Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife – 877-933-9847
Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks – 800-847-6668

Please report any law violations to the appropriate county sheriff.

Latah County – 208-882-2216
Benewah County – 208-245-2555
Bonner County – 208-263-8417
Boundary County – 208-267-3151
Shoshone County – 208-556-1114
Kootenai County – 208-446-1400

Spokane County – 509-477-2240
Pend Oreille County – 509-447-3151
Stevens County – 509-684-5296
Ferry County – 509-775-3132

Granite County – 406-859-3251
Mineral County – 406-822-3555
Sanders County – 406-827-3584
Lincoln County – 406-293-4112
Powell County – 406-846-2711
Lewis & Clark County – 406-447-8293
Missoula County – 406-258-4810

If you have any questions you contact us at the following email address:


Map of Clagstone Ranch Easement
For more information call the Idaho Fish and Game at 208-769-1414 or visit: 1st