Demonstrate your commitment to responsible forest management by participating in a forest certification program, using best management practices and completing logger training programs.

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Best Management Practices

The use of Best Management Practices (BMPs) ensures that soil and water quality is not compromised during forest management activities. All Stimson logging contracts and log purchase agreements require that BMPs be followed. Based on Stimson’s log acquisition policy, we do not knowingly purchase logs from harvest operations that don’t adhere to BMPs. Stimson routinely monitors that our wood suppliers are implementing BMPs. We also evaluate BMP compliance in our fiber sourcing area by reviewing state agency Forest Practices Act (FPA) and BMP compliance reports.


American Tree Farm System

The American Tree Farm System (ATFS) is a great way for private landowners to certify their property and demonstrate their commitment to responsible land management. Through ATFS, members can develop a written, comprehensive plan to manage the resources on their land in four areas: wood, water, wildlife, and recreation.

ATFS is the world’s oldest sustainable forestry and certification program. It currently has a membership of over 90,000 tree farmers on more than 24 million acres. Becoming an ATFS member can provide many benefits to you and your property, including:

  • A network of professionals and landowners who share your commitment to sustainable forestry.
  • Free professional advice from a forester during an initial inspection and during re-certification inspections every five years.
  • Seminars, field days and workshops that can help you achieve the goals you have set for your tree farm.


Forest Certification

All Stimson’s forest land has been certified to the Sustainable Forest Initiative (SFI) Forest Management Standard since 2000. Stimson strongly encourages forest landowners to participate in a forest certification program.

Stimson has found the SFI program to be the most comprehensive and results-oriented. However, it is primarily focused on larger industrial landowners. For the smaller non-industrial forest landowner, certification under the American Tree Farm Program may be more appropriate.


Qualified Resource Professionals
Compliance with Forest Protection Act (FPA) and Best Management Practices (BMP) standards significantly increase when a Resource Professional is involved in a forest management activity. Therefore, Stimson recommends the use and involvement of trained professionals in forest management.

Stimson foresters are always available to answers your questions and assist in your forest management projects. If we are not able to help, we can typically refer you to someone who can.

Private Consulting Foresters

State Agency Forestry Assistance

University Extension Forestry Assistance

Qualified Logging Professionals

Becoming a Qualified Logging Professional (QLP) and maintaining this status through continuing education is a great way to demonstrate your dedication to sustainable forestry. Each state has its own logger training programs and requirements, so contact your state’s program office for details. Generally:

  • The states of Washington, Idaho and Montana recognize each other’s training programs. So you don’t need to be trained in more than one state if you plan to work across state lines.
  • Individuals who have already completed a logger training program and are currently recognized as a QLP can maintain this status by completing required continuing education credits each year. Keep a record of the courses and meetings that you’ve taken and submit this information to your state’s logging association each year.

To demonstrate our commitment to logger training and sustainable forestry, Stimson’s policy is to only contract with QLPs when conducting harvest activities on our company timberlands and stumpage contracts.

Reducing Wildfire Risks

Forest fire is a natural disturbance in many of forests of the Northwest. However, catastrophic wildfire can cause significant damage to forests and forest ecosystems, resulting in the loss of biodiversity and other important forest values. Protecting your forests from wildfire should be a concern to all forest landowners.


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Drone Use in Forestry

Drones are effective, affordable forest management tools. LEARN MORE