Stimson Lumber Company recognizes that some lands have exceptional attributes, including scenic beauty, significant fish and wildlife habitat and proximity to rural communities.
Industrial timberlands are under increasing threat of conversion to non-timber uses. We believe strongly that working timberlands are in the best interest of society. Stimson has a solid history of working with various conservation partners and state and federal agencies to protect these special lands from future development through forest conservation easements.

Through our forest conservation easements, we help:

  • Protect productive forestlands from the threat of future development.
  • Protect local jobs through continued active forest management.
  • Keep vital habitat intact for fish and wildlife.
  • Keep lands open to public access for the enjoyment of traditional outdoor recreation.

Clagstone Meadows/Cape Horn

In 2017, Stimson opened the Clagstone Meadows/Cape Horn Conservation Easement Area to provide access for our neighbors and the general public. This land is located in Bonner County, Idaho, and includes 8,847 acres of timberlands, lakes, streams, marshes and meadows. Visitors can use the land for hiking, biking, hunting, trapping, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.

McArthur Lake Wildlife Corridor

In 2014, Stimson permanently protected 6,800 acres of forestland in northern Idaho. Most of the land is in the McArthur Lake Wildlife Corridor, which contains some of the most valuable wildlife habitat in Idaho. It supports a variety of wildlife including threatened and endangered species such as grizzly bear, Canada lynx, wolverine and woodland caribou. This land will remain in active timber production and will be available for public hunting, fishing, hiking and other outdoor recreation.

Troy/Lake Creek

Stimson has permanently protected approximately 28,000 acres of forestland in the Kootenai River Watershed of northwest Montana with a working forest conservation easement. This will allow for wildlife and fisheries habitat protection, continued sustainable forest management activities and public recreation.