St. Maries

St. Maries, Idaho

The St. Maries mill is an 8’ and 9’ studmill located in the community of St. Maries, Idaho. The town of St. Maries is a true Timber town where most of the economic activity is derived from area mills and logging. The area is surrounded by Stimson Lumber Company timber holdings as well as other industrial and private timberland owners

The mill processes a wide range of log diameters and species making premium studs for retail markets. Species include Douglas-fir, Western Larch, White fir, Lodgpole pine and Cedar.


The St. Maries mill is served by the St. Maries River Railroad connecting to the Union Pacific Railroad or the Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railroad and offers center beam car loadings across the U.S. We also offer loading for maxi trucks, flatbed trucks, and van loadings to fit your customers ever changing needs.  


Products Produced

St. Maries produces the following products

Mill Address

1040 Milwaukee Rd
Saint Maries, ID 83861