Stimson Lumber Operations

Stimson Lumber Company milling operations date back to the mid 1800’s with T.D. Stimson’s sawmill in Big Rapids, Michigan. Today, the company owns and operates seven mills in Oregon and Idaho. All the mills are located adjacent to the vast Stimson Lumber Company land holdings. The objective of the milling operations is to add value to the logs derived from the company timberlands. Half of the logs consumed in Stimson Lumber Company mills originate from company tree farms.

Milling operations are designed to utilize 100% of the fiber from the log. Employees embrace a Continuous Improvement Culture resulting in higher utilization and efficiencies in the milling process. Effective use of capital for process improvements and employee empowerment has resulted in top tier mill performance within the industry.

Green Energy

Nearly every mill generates green energy (electricity or process steam) in biomass boilers fed with sawmill by-products. Other products such as sawdust and wood chips are consumed internally in the company Hardboard Plant or sold to area pulp and paper mills. All products produced by the mills are SFI (Sustainable Forestry Initiative) Certified assuring that they came from lands that were harvested using the best possible care for the environment.

Priest River

Priest River, Idaho

The Priest River mill is an 8’ and 9’ studmill located in the community of Priest River in the northern panhandle area of Idaho. The ...

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St. Maries

St. Maries, Idaho

The St. Maries mill is an 8’ and 9’ studmill located in the community of St. Maries, Idaho. The town of St. Maries is a ...

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Tillamook, Oregon

The Tillamook studmill sits approximately seventy miles west of Portland in the coastal community of Tillamook, OR. The mill is surrounded by Stimson Lumber Company ...

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Clatskanie, Oregon

The Clatskanie mill is unique in that it is one of the few mills left in the Pacific Northwest that can process large logs. Architectural ...

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Plummer, Idaho

The Plummer mill is a true small log mill utilizing logs smaller than the average sawmill.  Many of the logs processed here are extracted from ...

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Forest Grove Complex

Forest Grove, Oregon

The Forest Grove complex is at the site of the original Scoggins Valley mill, located approximately thirty miles west of Portland, Oregon. It was built ...

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