About Stimson Lumber Company

Stimson Lumber Company is the remarkable consequence of six genera- tions of a family’s engagement in logging and lumbering. From the pine forests of Michigan to the spruce, fir, and redwood stands on the shores of the Pacific Ocean, Stimson has been a consistent name for more than 160 years in forest products. The following account provides some family history, particularly of members whose lives and labor helped shape the company as it exists in the twenty-first century.


The account opens with Thomas D. Stimson, the first of his family to enter the lumber business. His son, Willard Horace Stimson, and his grandson, Charles Willard Stimson, took their capital and energy to Oregon, where they laid the foundation for the present company. Their descendants have played a major role in the company’s development for the past century.

Statement from the CEO

Leadship is more than safety meetings, safety inspections, and other elements of a strong safety program. It is focus on personal safety behavior; it is making sure that all employees are ‘walking the talk.’

Andrew Miller, Chief Operating Officer,
Stimson Lumber Company, Timber Times, February 2004

Executive Team

Stimson's executive leadership consists of a group of talented, experienced individuals.